ECG Case 192 Interpretation

This post is an interpretation of the ECG Case 192

  • Rate: 54/min
  • Rhythm:
    • Regular
    • Sinus Rhythm
  • Axis:
    • Normal (-14 deg)
  • Intervals:
    • PR – Normal (~160ms)
    • QRS – Normal (80ms)
    • QT – 440-480ms (QTc Bazette ~ 420 ms)

  • Additional:
    • Deep T wave inversion in leads V2-6, I, II, III, aVF
    • Positive T wave in aVR
    • Positive deflection terminal portion T waves – ? TU fusion best seen precordial leads
ECG Case 192 Interpretation


In clinical setting of severe headache and widespread T wave changes this is concerning for raised ICP, in this case that could be from subarachnoid haemorrhage.

The patient had a normal CT scan and was transferred to a tertiary center for further investigation and management of other co-morbidities.