High-grade AV block

High-grade AV block
High-grade AV block

ECG Interpretation

  • Right Axis Deviation (RAD)
  • RBBB
  • Left posterior fascicular block (LPFB)
  • Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH)
  • Deep Inverted T waves in precordial leads
  • Regular P-P cycle at a rate of 95/min
  • When AV Block prevents transmission of the P wave, a junctional escape focus surfaces after 1.16s. A minor note is that the first junctional beat is conducted retrogradely to tha atria.
  • Only two times in this ECG Strip the sinus P wave is conducted, so this is High-grade AV block.
  • Clearly the AV Conduction abnormality is Infranodal warranting a pacemaker.

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