Postinfectious Brachial Neuritis (Brachial plexitis)

This is an answer to the Case – Scapular Winging

A nine-year-old boy presented with a two-day history of extreme pain in his right shoulder girdle after an upper respiratory tract infection that was accompanied by fever (temperature, 39.5°C).

Physical examination revealed paresthesia of the lateral aspect of the arm, atrophy, weakness of the deltoid muscle (4/5) during abduction of the shoulder, and weakness of the serratus anterior muscle, with scapular winging.

The Diagnosis of Postinfectious Brachial Neuritis was made. This condition is know by different names, such as Brachial plexitis, Parsonage-Turner syndrome, neuralgic amyotrophy, brachial neuropathy and other.

Symptomatic therapy with acetaminophen was administered. The patient recovered uneventfully within four months.