Tinea Faciei

This article is an answer to the case – Dry, Scaly, Erythematous, and Annular Lesions on Face

A healthy 5-year-old girl presented with dry, scaly, erythematous, and annular lesions on her face. Each scaly lesion was well marginated, with a raised outer border and a pale center. Similar lesions were seen on her left earlobe and right arm. Her mother and sister had similar-appearing skin lesions on the arms and neck.

Microscopic examination of scrapings from the face and arm revealed numerous hyaline septate hyphae, and a polymerase-chain-reaction assay was positive for the trichophyton anamorph of Arthroderma benhamiae.

The tinea faciei and tinea corporis were treated initially with topical terbinafine and ciclopirox olamine, although oral terbinafine was started when inflammation increased. After 14 days of treatment with oral terbinafine, the lesions completely resolved.

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