Temporal-Lobe Seizures due to a Meningioma

She did not report a history of seizures, head trauma, headache, or vestibular disease. The neurologic examination did not reveal papilledema or any other abnormalities.

Computed tomography of the head showed a large (5 by 5 cm), well-circumscribed, and highly calcified extra-axial mass overlying the right temporal lobe.

Electroencephalography showed mild slowing and occasional sharp waves in the right temporal area. A diagnosis of temporal-lobe seizures due to a meningioma was made.

Surgical intervention was withheld in favor of medical management. The patient was treated with lamotrigine, and within 6 months her symptoms had resolved.

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She resides with her daughter but continues to live independently. She reports no further seizures and no new symptoms associated with the meningioma at 2 years of follow-up.