ECG Case 68: Dextrocardia

ECG Interpretation

  • Sinus rhythm, rate 70/min
  • Inverted P and T waves in leads I and aVL
  • Right axis deviation
  • Dominant R waves in lead VR
  • No R wave development in the chest leads, with lead V6 still showing a right ventricular pattern
  • Normal-width QRS complexes

ECG of Dextrocardia
ECG of Dextrocardia

Clinical Interpretation

This is dextrocardia. A normal trace would be obtained with the limb leads reversed and the chest leads attached in the usual rib spaces but on the right side of the chest.

What to do

Ensure that the leads are properly attached – for example, inverted P waves in lead I will be seen if the right and left arm attachments are reversed. Of course, this would not affect the appearance of the ECG in the chest leads.

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